Adaptive Management Plan June 2008
Since the early 1950's there have been various
efforts to improve the lake  conditions.  The
Black Otter Lake District was formed in 1976 to
help restore and protect the lake.  In 1982, 1992
and again in 2002, lake studies that resulted in
management plans were completed.  Both the
Village of Hortonville and Black Otter Lake
District (BOLD) have followed up on many of the
recommendations proposed from past
management plans.  In 1989, the lake was
drained and approximately 120,000 cubic yards
of sediment were removed from a 55 acre
portion of the lake.  In January 2003 the most
recent lake management study was completed.  
This study found high levels of nutrients
continued to enter the lake.  A small-scale
aeration system was installed in the lake in order
to maintain a viable fishery.
Black Otter Lake District - Hortonville, WI