Black Otter Lake Survey Results
Survey Drawing Winners
Bob Markert -Black Otter Supper Club
Ed  Dorn - Horton Inn
Janice Poole - Black Otter Supper Club
Alan & Marcia Gjundjek - Horton Inn

Thanks to the Horton Inn & Black Otter Supper Club for the Dinner Awards

A short survey of residents in the Black Otter Lake District was conducted during the summer of
2008 with 138 responses received. Residents were able to either complete the survey by hand
and mail it back or take the survey online.

The most popular uses of Black Otter Lake include open water fishing (62%), bird watching
(56%) and scenic viewing (75%), with at least half of respondents indicating that they engage in
these activities at least once each year. Respondents reported that the activities they don’t
engage in at all on Black Otter Lake include ice fishing (54%), pleasure boating (72%),
canoeing/kayaking (78%), and swimming (93%).

A large majority indicate that they agree that lake is a valuable asset to the community.

Over half of respondents (54%) say the number of fish caught is good to excellent. The size of
fish isn’t rated as highly, with 65% rating as OK to poor and the diversity of fish species is
generally rated as OK (55%).

About three out of every four respondents (78%) say that the amount of aquatic plants has
interfered at least occasionally with their use and enjoyment of Black Otter Lake. One fourth
(38%) report that plants interfere almost always.

The satisfaction with the Black Otter Lake District itself generally falls in the neutral category
when it comes to previous decisions (42%) and leadership (41%). For both categories, those
answering other than neutral trend more towards satisfaction than not. Fewer respondents fall
into the neutral category when it comes to communication, with 46% reporting satisfaction and
26% reporting dissatisfaction.
Survey Summary Detail
Black Otter Lake Survey
Black Otter Lake District - Hortonville, Wisconsin